The Company

Our sewing machine repair service is a home-based business, conveniently located in the village of Dimondale, about 10 miles S.W. of Lansing.  We offer in-shop repair at our location and on-site mobile repair for our commercial customers. Our service includes everything from basic tune-ups to complete machine rebuilds and restoration. Free estimates are given by appointment in our shop while you wait

We work on all types of sewing machines including lockstichers, sergers, blind hemmers, chainstichers, carpet binders, buttonsewers, compound feed machines, flatlock and coverstitch machines. In addition we offer new Juki, Consew, and Pegasus sewing equipment as well as refurbished commercial and domestic machines for every purpose.

With 37 years of experience repairing sewing machines for domestic, commercial and industrial use we have much to offer anyone in need of quality sewing machine service. Our guarantee states “No charge if we can't fix it.” Hours are by appointment.


Owner/Head Technician -
Toby Benetti

The son of a life long automobile mechanic, Toby grew up with a wrench in his hand. He started working with his Dad when he was very young, an informal apprenticeship that would last through adulthood. His Father was very old school in his approach to mechanical repair, emphasizing methodology, technique and taking pride in ones work.

After high school Toby pursued an undergraduate degree in education, working his way thru school as a precision machinist in a jobbing shop. Gaining this valuable experience in the tool and die trade would prepare him, after graduation, to land work as a prototype machine builder for a design and build engineering firm.

In retrospect one could see how these life experiences prepared Toby well for the day when he fixed a neighbors sewing machine. She was immediately impressed with his work and encouraged him to explore the possibility of sewing machine repair as a career. Toby always had the desire to be self employed, so he thought that this was an idea worth pursuing. That was 37 years ago and he has been repairing sewing machines ever since, making a living with the skills, experience and training that life has given to him.